To order any records or contact me for any reason please write to:


All records are handmade to order and can be personalised on request.

Music For Quiet Corners / Songs For No One [Thy-000] – £5.50
Above The Tides Fold [Thy-001] – £5.50
The Canopy Falls [Thy-002] – £5.50
A Single Sun [Thy-003] – £5.50
Meadow Seas [Thy-005] – £5.00
By The Banks Go Through [Thy-006] – £5.50
Har Habayit BeYadeinu [Thy-007] – £5.50
We Fall Like The Night [Thy-008] – £5.50
Your Eyes The Stars and Your Hands The Sea [Thy-009] – £5.50
Stars and Lights : Together We Fall [Thy-010] – £5.50
Occasionally I Forget To Breathe [Thy-011] – £5.50
Lesser and Still [Thy-012] – £5.50
Distortion Of The Cell [Thy-013] – £8.50
Kill-Sweep [Thy-014] – £8.50 (available as Cd or DVD).

P&P prices vary depending on country, postage is increasingly expensive but i will charge the minimum i can.

If you’re a distributor or want to stock any releases email me for bulk prices.

Please note that this isn’t a record label as such, i don’t accept demos.

Thank You.


5 Responses to “Order/Contact”

  1. Joe said

    Is it possible to buy a copy of Wire Ground Bone (Thy-004)?

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