October 26, 2009

After missing our flight back from Copenhagen, myself and Xela had an eight hour trip to Manchester (via London), sleep deprived and hungover we made it to our show with half an hour to spare. There is a little clip of our show here.Manchester Live


Vital Weekly: MS55.

October 20, 2009

That’s an odd name I thought Seasons (pre-din), which is a project by someone from the UK, who had a couple of releases on his own Thy Rec, all highly limited and handmade, which caught the attention of Boomkat and Type Records. Mystery Sea tells me, and since I didn’t hear Seasons (pre-din) before, that he uses “forest-tinted field recordings with dissolved instrumental passages (dulcimer, singing bowl)’ but ‘recent developments saw his sound getting sparser and more vivid as it is now centered on piano and guitar infused orchestral loops with environmental sounds still percolating, but more subsidiary’. It starts out with some sounds, which could be piano, guitar or orchestral loops, highly filtered cutting all the bass and mid end, but those return later on in the piece. I must say that this release sounded a bit ‘muffled’, everything seems to be ‘pushed’ together, with not much room to breath, or add space to the individual sounds. What I don’t understand is why Seasons (pre-din) wants to this to be one piece, since its clearly a bunch of pieces stuck together? Why not the ‘song’ approach? Now it suggests a composition of one thing, but if you hear the piece than you know its built from several smaller ones crossfading into eachother. The music is alright, not very ‘sea’ like (if you know the nature of this label), but not outstanding good or surprisingly new. Not good, not bad, dark and pleasant. The drone field world.