Boomkat: [Thy-012].

February 17, 2011

Earlier this week we felt a bitterly cold chill in the boomkat cave. A few hours later somebody noticed a box of new Seasons (pre-din) CDs. They turned out to be a new album ‘Lesser And Still’, another bleak yet beautifully ethereal transmission which comes to us after what seems like a bit of a hiatus from the Seasons (Pre-Din) camp. Anyone familiar with his work will know that the sound features a potent substance mined from the darkest recesses of the psyche and sculpted by processes of elemental attrition, or so we’d like to imagine. The truth is, nobody (apart from the artist) knows how this music comes into being. There are discernible layers of field recorded textures, FM voices, wind-picked symphonic strings swells and lung-sucking atmospheric pressure changes, but the methods used to achieve this are suitably clandestine. There are four shorter tracks and one final extended piece, infinitely elastic in headspace/time, triggering the sixth sense to search for the source of acousmatic howls in the distance. As ever, these are hand-made and packaged with all the care and attention you’d expect. Recommended!


‘We flow within…lesser and still.’