Norman Records: Type061.

September 28, 2009

By ‘Phil’, Norman Records:

Seasons (Pre-Din) is a mysterious sound artist/architect whose album ‘Your Eyes The Stars and Your Hands The Sea’ is in now on Type. Beginning with some nice gluey static and some mundane dripping noises before exploring a more sandpapery vibe, smooth to medium grain, I think, then some drifty guitar nadgers is helpfully employed to help ease the chaffing. The record continues onto another level… Erm song, with low-end drone & field recording, this album lulls you into a messy ditch by a nature reserve with a generator thrumming inside your tortured, hungover skull. After passing out again, I find myself in a puddle by a motorway flyover, in the rain, with a dog pissing on some binliners. Following my discharge from hospital, I accidentally discover a weird flea market in Bradford where people are displaying old aluminium camping pans strapped together and selling them as chimes. After visiting the pub for a few halves to reflect on the strange events of the last 24 hrs, I collapse predictably onto some rubble in a wasteland and wake up, head relentlessly throbbing, by yet another generator, ominous, industrial & strangely comforting. Then I had to help Anthony finish the post before stumbling back through that weird, urban ghetto market, only this time it was much windier & there was also a coarse grain sandpaper application display busily attracting a rapt audience next to Camping Pan Man’s joint. Phil is reminded of the OST to Eraserhead. Ltd LP only.


September 21, 2009

Your Eyes The Stars and Your Hands The Sea:

Type: Type061.

September 18, 2009

A rumbling low-key masterwork from the mysterious Seasons (pre-din)

You might not be familiar with the work of Seasons (pre-din), but the shadowy northerner has been honing his craft for some time now, covertly issuing a slew of stunning albums while the world ticked on. He cut his teeth performing and collaborating with Richard Skelton and Xela, but over the last couple of years has busied himself prepping a range of hand-made releases on his own label. Often gone in a matter of hours, these lovingly crafted curios caught the attention of astute listeners worldwide and it is now our pleasure to announce the first widely available album from Seasons (pre-din).

‘Your Eyes The Stars and Your Hands The Sea’ is a collection of tracks crafted from hours of field recordings and instrumental takes. Using a small hand held recorder and a collection of string instruments, Seasons set about using ‘spaces’ – recording sounds in different areas to create a certain sound or mood. These rooms, fields and abandoned buildings form the backbone of the sound and give a curious cinematic quality to the record. You can almost place yourself in each space, and while it isn’t always obvious beneath the chatter and manipulated radio static, there are always skeletons of real life just around the corner. It is eventually the artist’s humanity that sets these compositions apart from those of his peers; rather than simply dry recordings, they are merely starting points for layering and sculpting. The result is thick, detailed pieces which, while subtle, pack a clout more readily associated with the contemporary noise scene.

Restrained and totally enveloping, this is an album which resides somewhere in the undergrowth, emerging slowly before drifting gently out to sea. Turn down the lights, lower the needle and let it pull you away. You might not want to come back.

Boomkat: Type061.

September 18, 2009

Having previously kept us on our toes with a series of exquisite handmade self-releases, the mysterious Seasons (pre-din) now sets about issuing his work on this beautifully mastered scarce vinyl-only edition. In the past Seasons (Pre-Din) has collaborated with like-minded souls Richard Skelton and Xela, and so it seems like a fairly natural, even inevitable course of events that he’d make his way onto Type, an imprint entirely in tune with the kind of shadowy, immersive ambience that characterises his music. ‘Your Eyes The Stars and Your Hands The Sea’ is constituted from volumes of location recordings and passages of string instrumentation, all dissolved into one another to create blocks of engrossing music seeped in a tangible sense of space and time. The album was captured during recording sessions held in a variety of evocative locales, from open fields to abandoned buildings, and each one leaves its mark on the finished record. Each piece here seems to arrive sheathed in atmospheric hiss and airy strands of sonic vapour, distancing you from the more explicitly harmonious elements and instead lulling you into a dense, mesmerising world of vaguely familiar sounds re-contextualised in monochrome. It’s as if the landscape is growing all over the music – like moss building up on a manmade structure until you can’t quite tell what was underneath it in the first place. Although it’s subtle and taciturn in execution, this is an eerily resonant collection of works, and a fittingly enigmatic introduction to the Seasons (pre-din) oeuvre. Very highly recommended – Limited to 400 copies for the world.

Press Release: MS55.

September 18, 2009

UK sibylline sound artist Seasons (pre-din) is a self-effacing miracle… when I heard for the first time his debut (“Above the tides fold”), an indescribable thrill took hold of me… the elementality degree of his music, and the density of its distilled emotions seemed just unreal… a total experience, and a most precious encounter for sure…

Thoroughly passionate about his creations, terribly human, Seasons (pre-din) exists in the permanent instant of “giving”…

Most of his lovely & ultra ltd elaborate hand-made releases came out via his own imprint THY-REC (“Above the tides fold”, “Har Habayit Be Yadeinu”, “The Canopy Falls”, “By the banks go through”…)…meticulously assembling the quintessence of crepuscular forest-tinted field recordings with dissolved instrumental passages (dulcimer, singing bowl…), he reaches for a mesmeric & unique potent brew, a constant flowing dronescape opening a multitude of new channels…
What started as a discreet audio-journey for initiates has slowly turned into a small hype, mainly due to high interest shown by the Boomkat mail-order, and the Type label, which both praised copiously Seasons (pre-din)’s galvanic works, and also via some stimulating performances… Recent developments saw his sound getting sparser and more vivid, as it is now centred on piano and guitar infused orchestral loops with environmental sounds still percolating, but more subsidiary…
a festival of sensitivity…

For MS, Seasons (pre-din) remained faithful to his first emotions, outlining a flow of profuse & petrifying droning ramifications…

Closed eyes
Pale glowing firmament
Your voice babbling through the stream
Scattered leaves, cold humus, receding stones
Your smile perched on the shadow of tangled trees
A wind of rupture…
Without a word, walking wild and astray
Looking into your astral veins,
a river within you…

“Your Eyes the Stars and Your Hands the Sea”
cries out an intimate loss, an aborted love
transformed into an harrowing moment of exhilaration…
an improbable symbolist landscape
oozing mysteries of unspeakable beauty
nestling in the ruts of silence,
the folds of a lucid dream…