Norman Records: [Thy-012].

April 3, 2011

I once wrote a really silly review for this chap’s album on Type. It was very truthful and rather affectionate, merely describing what I was hearing/experiencing in comedy layman’s terms rather than overintellectualising the work like the clever kids do. This ruse actually worked a treat once, I learned, when a man came up to me in Brighton saying he’d had Cindy talk on his experimental internet radio show & they’d read my review for a sound-art inclined 10″ of theirs live on-air. My butt clenched & my blood momentarily froze in horror as I recalled my ridiculous, rambling, irreverent review… until he guffawed & informed me the band had been in tears of laughter at my lumpen, harried description of their lovingly sculpted sound-world. My story therefore makes a good review because to try & intelligently convey this dissonant, ominous & foggy dystopian trip is pretty difficult! Grainy muted snippets of dialogue chunter over a calm wash of radio hiss & white noise? You got it. Thrumming, malevolence & fuzzed-out industrial abstraction? Knock yourself out! The final track knocks back the aural mist & introduces some of the most sombre & beautiful synth work I’ve heard this year, with some more tastefully applied disembodied dialogue, albeit of the most indecipherable & ghostly manner. A fine end to an absorbing listen.


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