The Liminal: [Thy-012].

April 1, 2011

I’ve already mentioned Eleh, but here is another deeply mysterious character. This latest release from Seasons (Pre-Din) isn’t giving much away, other than an unsettling air of dangerously obsessive love. The cover is shadowy dark brown on black, a sweet personalised dedication sitting next to the words “I’ll be waiting with a knife and a rope…bare your soul, expose your throat”. Valentine’s Day must be a right bloody laugh chez Pre-Din. The contents are no less troubling. Over droning strings, Charles Manson rants psychotically, (it is the same “every reality is a new reality” speech that Coil once sampled), and the music just gets progressively darker and darker from there, the field recordings sounding increasingly blistered, the radio samples becoming tangled and buried under the encroaching tendrils of gloom. Even by the third of its five parts, the blackness is all that is left. Anyone arriving here by following the trails from the gothic menace of more recent work by Xela and Svarte Greiner will find much to enjoy in this particular clearing. Well, I say “enjoy”.


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