Wonderful Wooden Reasons: [Thy-011].

August 9, 2010

The last couple of months have seen a steady stream of releases drop through my door from the un-named fella behind Seasons (pre-din) – he doesn’t even sign his emails, it’s very rude. They’ve all displayed a real skill of execution and a feel for the slightly more obscure end of the whole drone spectrum. They’re also all fairly short – around 30 minutes – which, being a pretty busy sort of chap, is just how I like my music. This months incursion through his third eye is a set of sibilant crackling drones with occasional bursts of voice or other immaterial sounds. It isn’t the strongest of his releases sticking as it does to variations on the one idea throughout, but be aware that the standard he has set over those other seedees is pretty fucking high and so what we have here is a rock solid slice of noise music on a par with the best of the field.


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