Whisperin’ & Hollerin’: [Thy-011].

July 25, 2010

The enigmatic Seasons (pre-din) follows the blacker-than-a-black-hole ‘Stars and Lights: Together We Fall,’ with the magnificently sparsely-detailed ‘Occasionally I Forget to Breathe.’ At least having heard its predecessor, I’m semi-prepared.

Here we have another five untitled tracks, and the first hints at a lighter side of Seasons (pre-din), at least for the first four of its seven minutes. Beginning as a distant jangle and buzz, accompanied by birdsong, it could be taken as quite tranquil ambient music, but the sounds soon become tied to a loop that over the course of several minutes become increasingly torturous in its monotony. Slowly, half-audible but barely decipherable samples creep into the mix and the drones, pitched relatively high in frequency, ebb and flow while building in intensity all the while, until a barrage of white noise buries everything. This segues into the second track, which begins as a sustained blast of impenetrable noise, through which shadowy drones and mangled found sounds half emerge only to disappear again in the a flicker and an amplified hiss.

The remaining tracks all bleed together to form one fifteen-minute soundscape that’s as bleak and unsettling as anything you’re likely to hear. The endless drones of dark ambience – with the emphasis very definitely on the dark – are rent with crackling distortion and an icy nuclear wind that blasts through the senses. This isn’t so much the soundtrack to a nightmare, as a soundtrack that will induce nightmares. You have been warned.


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