Tiny Mix Tapes: Split With Black Eagle Child.

July 5, 2010

Often, split releases offer up a silver platter exposing the differences between the parties involved. Rather than crab cakes to red caviar, the shared 3-inch CD-R release from Black Eagle Child and Season (pre-din) finds the pairing complementary — like an exquisite cheese ball and fine-rosemary flavored crackers for a post-banquet beer crowd. Disc one features the hypnotically soothing blast of guitar effects known as “Covenant with the Clouds” from Black Eagle Child paired with the wandering walkie-talkie static and repetitious acoustic plucks of Season (pre-din) thought, “Falling” — the rise and subsequent fall of matter in a bright blue atmosphere, a plummet so hard to fathom that fear erodes and calm prevails, a free-fall turning into a successful landing by a babbling brook. Disc two finds more of the same, with Seasons (pre-din)’s recital of wind static and staccato piano (“We Are the Night”) taking over where the first disc gently ended. Black Eagle Child’s “Disfigurement Moon Milk” finishes the four-song dream sequence, utilizing a chameleon guitar melody and a similar thread of white static to complete the collaboration. Rather than feeling like two separate thoughts from two artists, these discs act as one continuous idea.


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