Wonderful Wooden Reasons: [Thy-010] & Music For Quiet Corners…

June 8, 2010

The new album from Seasons (pre-din) is very much an album of two halves, well actually to be fully honest it’s an album of two seedees. The first is a set of slow and low drones full of rustles, clicks, metallic craaaangs, disembodied voices, phantasmal melodies and abstracted effects. It’s very nice. I’ve played it lots over the last week. It’s got a lovely sense of trepidation that permeates the album and sinks into whatever other activity you’re doing while it’s on. It’s fabulous to read to adding a real edge to the storyline of my book.

The second album though is a set of piano melodies and is simply wonderful. I’m a real sucker for pianos at the best of time, I really love them. I’m especially a fan of the repetitive ostinato minimalism of Philip Glass’ piano work and that’s the area we’re inhabiting here. There’re some other instruments in there alongside some electronics and some field recordings but it’s the piano that carries the album. In mood it’s a very different beast to it’s big brother being light of touch, gracefully spacious and seductively calm.

As I said earlier, two halves but not two unconnected halves. These both feel as though they were produced through the same approach but using a different set of tools to produce two distinct but harmonious sets. This one is a must have people.


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