Wonderful Wooden Reasons: MS55.

December 7, 2009

A new name to me but one who, judging by the press release, is very highly regarded by the erstwhile Daniel Crokeart, the fella behind the Mystery Sea label.
‘Your Eyes…’ moves gently between a variety of sonorities from whispered hiss, through forests of metallic shards to arboreal field recordings. All are beautifully realised and constitute a journey through landscapes of very different sonic possibilities all of which are explored with aplomb although the dips in the recording do pull you out of the moment.
The un-named UK gent behind the Seasons (pre-din) pseudonym has forged a quiet and intense audio sculpture. Presented as a single continuous piece but with more of the feel of several separate tracks (or movements) it isn’t as cohesive as one might have hoped but it is a diverting listen nonetheless.


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