Norman Records: Type061.

September 28, 2009

By ‘Phil’, Norman Records:

Seasons (Pre-Din) is a mysterious sound artist/architect whose album ‘Your Eyes The Stars and Your Hands The Sea’ is in now on Type. Beginning with some nice gluey static and some mundane dripping noises before exploring a more sandpapery vibe, smooth to medium grain, I think, then some drifty guitar nadgers is helpfully employed to help ease the chaffing. The record continues onto another level… Erm song, with low-end drone & field recording, this album lulls you into a messy ditch by a nature reserve with a generator thrumming inside your tortured, hungover skull. After passing out again, I find myself in a puddle by a motorway flyover, in the rain, with a dog pissing on some binliners. Following my discharge from hospital, I accidentally discover a weird flea market in Bradford where people are displaying old aluminium camping pans strapped together and selling them as chimes. After visiting the pub for a few halves to reflect on the strange events of the last 24 hrs, I collapse predictably onto some rubble in a wasteland and wake up, head relentlessly throbbing, by yet another generator, ominous, industrial & strangely comforting. Then I had to help Anthony finish the post before stumbling back through that weird, urban ghetto market, only this time it was much windier & there was also a coarse grain sandpaper application display busily attracting a rapt audience next to Camping Pan Man’s joint. Phil is reminded of the OST to Eraserhead. Ltd LP only.


One Response to “Norman Records: Type061.”

  1. I bought this record on the strength of Phil’s review (and a couple of sample tracks). A beautiful record that takes me on a very different journey to Phil, although I don’t have any flyovers to wake up under out here in the sticks.

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