Boomkat: Type061.

September 18, 2009

Having previously kept us on our toes with a series of exquisite handmade self-releases, the mysterious Seasons (pre-din) now sets about issuing his work on this beautifully mastered scarce vinyl-only edition. In the past Seasons (Pre-Din) has collaborated with like-minded souls Richard Skelton and Xela, and so it seems like a fairly natural, even inevitable course of events that he’d make his way onto Type, an imprint entirely in tune with the kind of shadowy, immersive ambience that characterises his music. ‘Your Eyes The Stars and Your Hands The Sea’ is constituted from volumes of location recordings and passages of string instrumentation, all dissolved into one another to create blocks of engrossing music seeped in a tangible sense of space and time. The album was captured during recording sessions held in a variety of evocative locales, from open fields to abandoned buildings, and each one leaves its mark on the finished record. Each piece here seems to arrive sheathed in atmospheric hiss and airy strands of sonic vapour, distancing you from the more explicitly harmonious elements and instead lulling you into a dense, mesmerising world of vaguely familiar sounds re-contextualised in monochrome. It’s as if the landscape is growing all over the music – like moss building up on a manmade structure until you can’t quite tell what was underneath it in the first place. Although it’s subtle and taciturn in execution, this is an eerily resonant collection of works, and a fittingly enigmatic introduction to the Seasons (pre-din) oeuvre. Very highly recommended – Limited to 400 copies for the world.


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