Boomkat: [Thy-007].

July 25, 2009

A couple of months ago we listed an incredible EP by this artist and barely had a chance to even play it properly before it completely sold out – never to be seen since. Indeed, little is known about the shadowy Northern operative behind Seasons (pre-din); one minute we’re minding our own business and the next this pile of lovingly hand crafted cds get delivered. Really, we’re beginning to wonder if Herr Seasons may have travelled out to Wudang mountain for intensive training – there’s that much stealth in his step. Or maybe he’s just small; some things we’re too afraid to ask. Either way this latest special edition is another breath of haunted air from the Seasons production line. Fuller and more epic than his previous ‘Above the Tides Fold’ disc, ‘Har Habayit BeYadeinu’ takes the gentle soundscapes he has made his own and liberally coats them in a syrup of strings and tempered noise. Yet again a good reference point would be his friend and collaborator Richard Skelton – but as it ebbs and flows through its thirty minute duration it becomes clear that ‘Har Habayit BeYadeinu’ defies such simple comparison. Breathtakingly cinematic, it feels far from the singing-bowls and field recordings of his debut, yet there’s an incredibly delicate hand at work behind the scenes. As the shimmering strings rise and fall it is obvious that this is an album about the tiniest changes and the most subtle shifts. Like the works of William Basinski and Taylor Deupree before it, you get a sense that the best things come to those who wait. You should know by now that these aren’t going to last – we’ve got a measly 70 copies so BE QUICK!


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