Boomkat: [Thy-001].

July 25, 2009

The enigmatic Seasons (Pre-Din) has already found himself burdened with quite a follwoing with those in the know, having made his presence felt performing alongside the likes of Richard Skelton and Xela, and via an absolutely incredible archive of self-released albums and obscurities housing some of the most enthralling drone/field recordings we’ve heard in time. ‘Above The Tides Fold’ is the first release we’ve had available for sale here -and it really is quite something. Sculpting twenty minutes of intense deconstructed ambience, the parallels with A Broken Consort’s Richard Skelton become quickly and brilliantly apparent. Acoustic instruments – most prominently what sounds like a singing Tibetan prayer bowl a la Mark Wastell – combine with forest-bound environmental recordings and clangorous, untamed bowed tones, resulting in a brilliantly subtle exercise in drone-sculpting. In addition to the artists mentioned above, connoisseurs of all things microsound may well find themselves reminded of Keith Berry’s ‘The Ear That Was Sold To A Fish’, such is the pervasive sense of mystery – as if the music’s always drifting out of reach before you can really pin it down and work out what’s going on. Coy and ambiguous, these are truly amazing organic compositions that we just can’t stop listening to right now – and housed in gorgeous hand made packaging limited to just 50 copies, you know these just ain’t gonna last. Essential Purchase!


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